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We’ve decided its time for a change and we are on a mission to reinject some fun back into meal times. How? By giving artists the opportunity to showcase their work on UK made plates, mugs – a utopia of ceramics. Out with the old boring plates and mugs and in comes a revolutionary concept that will certainly make you smile.

The idea stemmed from Giles’ brother goofing around with paint, plates and a mug in an arts and crafts cafe. Intended as a fun joke, but no, a light bulb went off in Giles’ head and ‘Bing!’ Ceramictopia was born.

Our aim is collaborating with fantastic artists around the world and work side by side in producing unique ceramic sets. Here you will find our very first range with much more to come. Each individual product is handled with love, carefully crafted, screen printed and painted by the fine folk in Stoke and using only the finest English bone china.

This product is intended for everyone and anyone. With the aim to make any meals fun. Even lap tea in front of the telly.

We hope you love the products as much as we do.