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Unique. Fun. Partnership.

We want artists to reach their maximum creative potential. Which is why we are collaborating with artsy whizzes across the world, with the aim of creating truly unique pieces for the ceramic world.

Artists and Ceramics = Ceramtist’s are born.

This powerful partnership will give you, as the artist, the ability to experiment and see your artwork displayed on a material you may not have even considered. This isn’t just a ‘one off’. We want to form a relationship with you for the long haul. Together, we can venture down different avenues, bounce ideas around and get them’ creative juices flowing. Once we think we have an idea that works, then ‘BOOM!’ we will take the market by storm.

Meet our Ceramtists

Clare Lewis

Clare Lewis
I love printmaking, paper cut and exploring typography, repeated patterns, and mixed media, as well as some 3D work. Lately, most of my work is created digitally, but I especially enjoy making things with my hands and have developed these skills through creating handmade journals. I am a member of the Association of Illustrators.