Sneaky Reggie the Crocodile


Lurking in the water where he cannot be seen, Reggie will pounce because he so mean

1 x plate & 1 x mug

£40 per set
Buy any 2 for £36 – save 10%
Buy any 3 for £34 – save 15%
Buy any 4 for £30 – save 25%

All Product Sizes are:

Coupe plate – 10” – 270mm

Small English Balmoral mug – 250ml Capacity / 82mm Height / 75mm Diameter

Large English Balmoral mug – 350ml Capacity / 89mm Height / 84mm Diameter

Note – For all of our products, please do get in touch if you require a different size and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

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